The aroma of our slivovitz carries a hint of the sweet scent of plum pits.

Clear slivovitz is the most famous Czech fruit spirit, which RUDOLF JELÍNEK has been making in Vizovice from only the best plum mash since the 19th century. The production processes are passed down from generation to generation among our distillers, and, together with the latest technologies, they guarantee the highest quality.

Our slivovitz

is made by triple distilling a ripe plum mash. The plum pits remain in the mash the entire time to infuse the resulting beverage with tannins to give it its specific flavour. The distillation is followed by ageing process in tanks, during which time the beverage is kept at a variety of temperatures and regularly checked and evaluated by experienced Vizovice’s distillers. Genuine Jelínek slivovitz is first and foremost the result of their hard work, experience, and patience.

Its scent

carries a sweet hint of the plum pits, which does not overwhelm its fruity character. Its ageing and traditional production methods lend slivovitz its delicate taste and mild aroma.

Serving temperature depends on the occasion. When served before a meal as an aperitif, it must be chilled; when served after as a digestif, it should not be.

Plum Ritual

Our slivovitz is best enjoyed with a bit of dried plum on a toothpick – in its home region this is called a Wallachian Sausage.

Moravian Cock

2 cl slivovitz, 0.5 cl fernet, 5 cl vermouth

Measure all ingredients in a chilled mixing glass, mix well, and pour into a low tumbler. For effect, cover the glass with a cloche filled with sawdust smoke. Decorate with a sprinkling of fruit tea leaves.

Bohemian Sour

4 cl Slivovitz, 3 cl lemon juice, 2 cl sugar syrup, 1 tsp. vanilla sugar, 1 egg white

Mix all ingredients in a shaker and pour into a glass.