A clear spirit with a characteristic delicate fruity taste.

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Pear brandy is a clear fruit spirit with an aroma that makes its origin undeniable. Drinkers of all kinds are sure to appreciate its pleasant, delicate flavour and characteristic aftertaste. Due to its delicious taste it is one of the most popular fruit spirits in the Czech Republic and especially in the west. We believe that you will also find its delicate fruity flavour enchanting.

Williams pear brandy

is a clear spirit with a characteristic delicate fruity taste. Pear brandy is gaining popularity in Central Europe, and you will surely agree that its fruity flavour and aroma are delicious.

For production

of this excellent pear brandy, only the Williams pear variety is used. And because Chile is one of the world’s foremost producers of this variety, we have built a distillery there equipped with our technologies and we are continuing to plant more pear orchards. All of this is, of course, taking place under the supervision of some of Vizovice’s best master distillers.

Pear brandy is best served chilled, preferably with the pear ritual:

Pour pear brandy into a glass, add a piece of pear compote on a toothpick, and finish off by adding a few drops of pear compote juice. Remove the pear and toothpick from the glass, toast with the glass or pear, and enjoy the brandy. Then enjoy the sweet pear.

Ginger Pear

4 cl pear brandy, 25 cl ginger beer, ginger, pear garnish

Double pear / Apple pear

4 cl Williams Pear Brandy, 20 cl pear/apple juice, cinnamon, pear or apple garnish