Gold slivovitz with an aroma reminiscent of cognac.

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Gold slivovitz is unique in the fruit brandy world, initially conceived of and to this day produced using traditional methods in the stronghold of Wallachian distilling industry, Vizovice. The basis of this beverage is classic clear slivovitz, which is then aged in specific conditions to imbue it with completely new and unexpected characteristics.

In addition to classic clear slivovitz

our product portfolio also includes gold slivovitz with an aroma reminiscent of cognac and a harmonious fruit flavour with a distinctive woody undertone. This slivovitz acquires its gold colour and harmonious flavour from long-term ageing in casks made from Czech oak trees. The creation of gold slivovitz, a product hitherto unheard of in the Czech lands, was the result of cooperation between the Jelínek brothers and the French cognac producer Denis Mounié in 1923. His experience with the production of aged wine distillates enabled the creation of a production process that would bring the traditional fruit spirit closer to the world-famous cognac.

Slivovitz should be served at room temperature – only then can it fully develop its aroma and flavour and allow us to fully enjoy the work of Vizovice’s distillers.