The 16th Genuine Wallachian Hog-Feast took place on 15 November 2019 in the RUDOLF JELÍNEK company courtyard. The event attracted 407 attendees, of which 197 were members of the Jelínek Slivovitz Appreciation Society, who celebrated 30 years of freedom and democracy. 

The event kicked off with a communal jingling of keys followed by a trip into the past thanks to historical costumes, photographs, and signs placed throughout the premises.

The traditional programme of the Hog-Feastincluded Society Members Without Borders, a game that has members of the Appreciation Society compete against each other to earn points and find the ‘hog’. The top three teams received lovely prizes as usual. The atmosphere in the Tasting Room was greatly enhanced by Čardáš cimbalom music, and many attendees came away with a nice memento after having their likeness drawn by popular caricature artists.

The Hog-Feast also included another traditional diversion, the Tour de Vizovická. This year, varieties harvested in 2018 were tasted. A total of 132 tasters took part and selected the Presenta variety of slivovitz as the best.