A juniper brandy clearer and more delicate than ever before. In order to harmonise, balance, and refine the flavour of Borovička, the distillate is allowed to age for at least half a year before bottling.

Borovička production

is a centuries-long Vizovice tradition, and it is inseparable from the history of the distillation industry in Vizovice as well as from the personalities Karel Singer and Zikmund Jelínek. Its traditional production process based on drawing distillation is still used in its original form today. The only technologies that were modernised are those that further enhance the clarity and delicacy of the juniper liquor while allowing it to retain its characteristic harshness. The name of the product, which refers to Moravian Slovakia, might seem strange, given that is made by a Wallachian company. This name came about due to the success of Rudolf Jelínek exports in the United States. Slovakian borovička gin had been very popular in that market in the 1930s. Rudolf Jelínek sought out ways to compete with that product, and that is where the name Slovácká borovička came from, which is easily confused with ‘slovenská borovička in English-speaking countries.

We recommend serving it chilled neat or on the rocks.

4 cl Slovácká Borovička, tonic, ice

Pour Slovácká Borovička over ice cubes, then top up with tonic.