Its traditional ageing process gives it a sweet, fruity, almost honey-like flavour.

The suitable climate conditions

for plum production found in Vizovice are determined by its geographical location. That is one of the reasons why the early 20th century saw the local slopes covered by over 70,000 plum trees. Unfortunately, the forced collectivisation of agriculture caused a significant disruption, and most of the orchards were destroyed. In 2003 we decided to resume this orchard tradition and began planting our own fruit trees on the slopes of Těchlov Hill between Vizovice and Slušovice.

In 2008 we had our first harvest of twenty-five tons of plums of nine varieties, which we distilled separately. We then selected the three best distillates, and blending these produced the Vizovice Slivovitz 2008 vintage. This unique beverage was stored for ageing, and for exactly one year dried plums were allowed to macerate in it to complete the traditional Wallachian process. Due to the prolonged ageing process, the dried plums release an enormous amount of aroma, flavour, and sweetness, which can be felt in every sip of Vizovice Slivovitz. We present the fruits of this laborious, supremely professional, and above all else patient handiwork to you in the form of the limited edition of Vizovice Slivovitz. Each year we bring 5,004 bottles of this exclusive spirit to market. For more information please visit

The gold variant is an aged spirit with a fragrance characterised by the sweetness of dried plums with a mild almond-like aroma of plum pits, yet this aroma still gives way to the fruity character of the drink. Its traditional ageing process gives it a sweet fruity, almost honey-like flavour.

Slivovitz should be served at room temperature: only then can it fully develop its aroma and flavour, allowing you to fully enjoy the work of Vizovice’s distillers.