A clear spirit with a sweet apricot aroma and a slight undertone of apricot pits.

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Apricot brandy is a clear spirit characterised by its sweet apricot aroma, a delicate fruity flavour, and a slight undertone of apricot pits. The Vizovice distilling tradition goes all the way back to the 16th century. Plums and the resulting slivovitz have of course always dominated the region, though in the 19th century several Vizovice distilleries had already started producing apricot brandy as well, due to the fact that apricots have been grown successfully in South Moravia since time immemorial. RUDOLF JELÍNEK continues this long tradition with production processes that, together with the latest technologies, guarantee the highest quality.


have always done well in South Moravia, so their use for brandy was only logical. We currently produce apricot brandy by triple distilling ripe apricot mash. This method of distillation is the secret of the exceptional clarity and tenderness of Jelínek apricot brandy. The pits remain in the mash the entire time to give the resulting spirit its characteristic almond flavour. Apricot brandy is a clear spirit with a sweet apricot aroma and a slight undertone of apricot pits. Due to the traditional production and ageing process, its flavour is delicate and fruity, just like the apricots themselves.

We recommend serving apricot brandy at room temperature, which allows it to fully develop its flavour and aroma.

Czech Spritz

2 cl apricot brandy, 2 cl Aperol

Pour into a large wine bottle, top up with seltzer or carbonated mineral water. Garnish with apricot or orange.