Vizovice slivovitz

Vizovice slivovitz


Vizovice Slivovitz is a fruit distillate prepared exclusively from plums from our own orchards. At the RUDOLF JELINEK company we decided to bring you the best of the Vizovice region, which has a famous tradition of plum growing. This is due to the favourable climatic conditions prevailing in the valley, which stretches from Otrokovice through Zlín and over to the Vizovice highlands - the gateway to the Beskids. This gave rise to the 16th century tradition of making Slivovitz, which Jelinek master distillers have maintained for you until today.


Vizovice region once renowned for the cultivation of plums, a century ago was able to boast of more than 70 thousand plum trees. Forced collectivization during the fifties of the last century, however, meant the destruction of those trees which grew on the borders between fields.


For this reason we decided in 2003 to re-establish the plans of the founders of the RUDOLF JELINEK company, the Jelinek family, which were unfortunately interrupted by a cruel twist of fate, World War II, and then further by the advent of a centrally planned economy. We have therefore established our own orchard in the area of Vizovice called Těchlov, the slope of the valley, in which Vizovice is located. In this orchard we have been reaping a harvest of plums since 2008.


Ripened mash from various cultivated varieties of plums are subjected to three-stage distillation. The distillate is left to for 365 days, while at the same dried  plums are left to macerate in it. During this aging process of the slivovitz, large amounts of aroma and flavour are released, and the end result is a characteristic sweet aroma of plums, complemented by an almond aroma from the pits, the resulting delicate, sweet fruity flavour is almost like honey.


We bring you the fruits of this labor-intensive and time-consuming manual work of patience from 2010 in limited editions of Vizovice slivovitz. Best enjoyed at room temperature, when its flavour and aroma can develop fully.


The 2008 edition consisted of 3,414 bottles of Vizovice slivovitz.


We have prepared for you other exclusive editions, such as slivovitz 1989, and silver kosher slivovitz.

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