Slivovitz Vintage 1989 Limited series

Have a taste of history in the form of slivovitz 1989


Special Limited Edition slivovitz from 1989 is not only a reminder of the revolutionary events of November 17th, but is also the oldest Slivovitz offered on the Czech market.


When producing genuine Jelinek Slivovitz we adhere to proven manufacturing practices. These require that the ripe plum mash goes through a three-stage distillation, thanks to which the slivovitz acquires its purity and smoothness. The pits remain present in the mash the whole time to supply the resulting beverage with tannins for a distinctive flavour. Before bottling the distillate is aged, ensuring the highest quality of this Czech national drink.


The changes in 1989 did not go unnoticed in Vizovice in the RUDOLF JELINEK company. In this ground-breaking year we managed to save some distillate for aging and over the years it has matured along with the idea of ​​using it as a symbolic reminder of the year in which the whole society underwent fundamental changes. Today the slivovitz is the oldest vintage that we offer, and is also the oldest distillate on the Czech market. Once the last units have been sold-out from our portfolio, one chapter of history will be closed.


For the greatest development of aroma and flavour, we recommend tasting slivovitz at room temperature.

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