Subsidiary companies

RUDOLF JELÍNEK a.s. is the member of R.JELINEK GROUP SE, which is the biggest world manufacturer of fruit distillates. R.JELINEK GROUP SE consists of the companies: R.JELINEK L.A. - S.A. (Chilean producer of fruit distillates mainly Williams pear brandy), Group Valco Beverages B.V. (S.C. VALCO S.A. is only asset of company - the biggest manufacturer of friut distillates in Romania), VINPROM - TROYAN AD (the biggest manufacturer of plum rakije in Bulgaria, distributor of Vinprom TETEVEN fruit distillates, selected products by R. JELÍNEK and the METELKA liqueurs), RUDOLF JELÍNEK Slovakia, s.r.o. (distributor of products R. JELÍNEK, french syrups MONIN, METELKA liqueurs and Bulgarian distillates and wines by VINEX PRESLAV), RUDOLF JELINEK Polska Sp. z o. o. (distributor of products R. JELÍNEK and distillates in large-volume packages on the Poland market) and Milan METELKA a.s. (manufacturer of liqueurs and spirits).

The manufacture of liqueurs and spirits in Antonín Metelka’s family began in Vyškov, Southern Moravia, in 1935.
The company GROUP VALCO BEVERAGES was established as a holding company in 2009.
The VINPROM TROYAN is the biggest and best known Bulgarian manufacturer of fruit distillates, especially the plum rakija.
R.JELINEK L.A. - S.A. is specialised in buying up fruits and the subsequent production of fruit distillates and their sale in large-volume packages (mainly Williams pear brandy).
The company RUDOLF JELINEK Polska Sp. z o. o. was established in June 2007.
The RUDOLF JELÍNEK Slovakia, s.r.o. Company based at Skalica was founded in 1999 as the exclusive importer of RUDOLF JELÍNEK products to the Slovak Republic.